Electronic Cigarette – New Generation Of Smoking

Trendy alternative , and for someone easier way to stop with smoking or reduce bad action of regular cigarettes.

For the first time I was attracted to the term “electronic cigarette” couple of months ago in a bigger shopping centre. There was a mall with a nice person, who offered this e-cig to try and eventually to order it with regular delivery of cartridges. In fact, electronic cigarette did not catch me enough but one word – ANYWHERE!

It was really tempting but unfortunately “my laziness” forced me to stay loyal to classic cigarettes.

I remembered e-cig again when I started to regularly exercise in fitness centre. I was looking for some smoking alternative or effective way of quitting. Finally I have decided to buy electronic cigarette. The only option was Internet shopping as I have never seen a real shop where the e-cigs are available to purchase.

After a while of browsing on Internet looking for electronic cigarettes I have realized that it’s not as easy as it seems to be to choose one. I have stopped counting sellers after I’ve reached the twentieth and I have found that there are many types and styles of electronic cigarette. You can refill the electronic cigarette cartridge with any of dozens flavours and nicotine strengths. This makes e-cigs much less expensive than classic cigarettes. I’ve had to spent endless hours doing the research to be quite well informed about e-cigarette.

The most important problem is that most of websites provide incomplete information or are promoting only their own products. I was disappointed that it’s almost impossible to find website with useful and trustworthy content about electronic cigarettes.

So I have decided to take the role of “public informer” and have created this electronic cigarette blog. The right type and style of e-cig depend on every single man individually but I believe that anyone (any gender, age or lifestyle and even non-smokers) can choose from huge variety of available electronic cigarettes.…

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eCigarettes Brief Overview

E-cigarettes? E-smoking? I don’t know about you, but when I first heard these terms they brought to mind Email, Ezines, Edating…

I could not imagine what sort of online smoke shop or virtual smoking lounge they had come up with now. Well, silly me! It turns out E-smoking isn’t something you do on your PC. E-smoking is what they call it when you use an electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette.

So, what are electronic cigarettes? Here is some info about what they are, how they work, and what benefits they might provide.

An electronic cigarette, (also called e-cig, ecigarette, or smokeless cigarette), is actually an ingenious little battery operated device designed to look, feel, function, and even taste like a real tobacco cigarette. Basically a nicotine delivery system, ecigarettes provide the user with a surprisingly realistic smoking experience without all the harmful effects of actual smoking.

An electronic cigarette is essentially made up of three main parts: A battery, an Atomizer and a nicotine cartridge. All these parts coexist in a unit just about the size and shape of a normal cigarette. The Battery is a rechargeable battery, shaped to look like the white part of the cigarette. The battery powers the atomizer. Batteries generally last for 150 to 400 puffs before needing a recharge. An atomizer works by heating up the liquid nicotine mixture and turning it to a vapor.

This vapor looks, feels and tastes like real smoke, but does not contain any of the thousands of toxic products of combustion that true smoke contains because nothing is burning. The nicotine cartridges contain a mixture of water and nicotine. Other ingredients are included to make the vapor look and taste like real cigarette smoke. A single cartridge can be expected to provide nicotine comparable to about a pack to a pack and a half of regular cigs. Cartridges are available in different strengths, comparable to regular, light and ultra light tobacco cigs. They also come in a variety of flavors. In addition to regular and menthol, there are also chocolate, vanilla and fruit flavors available.

Some newer models combine the cartridge and atomizer into one disposable unit. (Non disposable atomizers can get clogged over time reducing the efficiency of the system.) A small sensor/microprocessor starts the whole thing going when you suck air through it! They even have a little LED light on the end to indicate that it is working and also creates the illusion of a burning tip of a tobacco cigarette.

Didn’t I say it was ingenious?

To some of you serious smokers the potential advantages of such a smokeless nicotine delivery system will be immediately apparent. Since there is no smoke ( just vapor that looks like smoke; a lot like what a fog machine makes) there is of course no second hand smoke! No more guilt, or worry about annoying or poisoning your loved ones.

The small amount of odor from a smokeless cig does not linger, and doesn’t cling to everything it touches. Imagine, your home, car, wardrobe hair, no longer smelling like an ashtray!.

Speaking of ashtrays, there is another messy issue that a smoker who becomes an e-smoker will no longer have to deal with. E-cigs cannot turn your teeth and fingers yellow nor do they pose a fire risk. While some aspects of electronic cigarettes remain controversial, these benefits alone make them worth considering for many smokers.…

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