Electronic Cigarette – New Generation Of Smoking

Trendy alternative , and for someone easier way to stop with smoking or reduce bad action of regular cigarettes.

For the first time I was attracted to the term “electronic cigarette” couple of months ago in a bigger shopping centre. There was a mall with a nice person, who offered this e-cig to try and eventually to order it with regular delivery of cartridges. In fact, electronic cigarette did not catch me enough but one word – ANYWHERE!

It was really tempting but unfortunately “my laziness” forced me to stay loyal to classic cigarettes.

I remembered e-cig again when I started to regularly exercise in fitness centre. I was looking for some smoking alternative or effective way of quitting. Finally I have decided to buy electronic cigarette. The only option was Internet shopping as I have never seen a real shop where the e-cigs are available to purchase.

After a while of browsing on Internet looking for electronic cigarettes I have realized that it’s not as easy as it seems to be to choose one. I have stopped counting sellers after I’ve reached the twentieth and I have found that there are many types and styles of electronic cigarette. You can refill the electronic cigarette cartridge with any of dozens flavours and nicotine strengths. This makes e-cigs much less expensive than classic cigarettes. I’ve had to spent endless hours doing the research to be quite well informed about e-cigarette.

The most important problem is that most of websites provide incomplete information or are promoting only their own products. I was disappointed that it’s almost impossible to find website with useful and trustworthy content about electronic cigarettes.

So I have decided to take the role of “public informer” and have created this electronic cigarette blog. The right type and style of e-cig depend on every single man individually but I believe that anyone (any gender, age or lifestyle and even non-smokers) can choose from huge variety of available electronic cigarettes.