Facts about E-Cigarettes Ultimate E-Cigs

E-cigarettes have garnered an unprecedented craze across the globe and have been selling like hot cakes. The fact that the tar producing tobacco in a regular cigarette is replaced by an aerosol based nicotine makes this cigarette a lot more attractive and safe to regular cigarette smokers.

Though the debate about the safety of the e-cigarette has been long drawn and divided, the discussion has not dented the craze and the sales figure that these mini electronic devices have been garnering over the past few years.

There are a few interesting facts about e-cigarettes that smokers ought to know. Some of them are listed below:

  1. E-cigarettes are virtual in nature i.e. these are battery-powered devices that simulate the effect created by a real cigarette. While there is no smoke generated out of an e-cigarette, the feeling of having taken a puff is created by a process known as ‘vaping’.
  2. The smoke in an e-cigarette is produced by a suspension of nicotine in water and glycol which when heated by the battery produces the sensation of smoke thus simulating a real cigarette.
  3. There is no body to regulate the manufacture or certify e-cigarettes. Hence, there are high chances for cheap e-cigarettes to be sold in open markets camouflaged as expensive and healthy.
  4. E-cigarettes do no come under the ambit of tobacco products and hence are accessible even to kids and children who are below 18 years of age.
  5. E-Cigarettes are not as widespread in the physical marketplace as they are available in the online marketplace.
  6. It is absolutely ok to use an e-cigarette in public places and in places/zones where the regular cigarettes are banned/restricted.
  7. Studies indicate that the e-cigarette acts more like a Nicorette inhaler than being a tobacco based product/inhaler that reduces health risks when compared to a regular cigarette filled with tobacco which leads to the production of carcinogenic tar.
  8. E-cigarettes help individuals to give-up the habit of smoking, over a period of time, albeit without the withdrawal symptoms associated with a normal/regular cigarette.
  9. Since e-cigarettes are used more frequently than the regular cigarettes, owing to their less dangerous nature, on an everyday basis some of the problems that could arise out of prolonged use of e-cigarettes are an increase in impedance, peripheral airway flow resistance and oxidative stress in the lungs of healthy smokers.

These are some interesting facts about e-cigarettes that could kindle interest among readers to know more about this electronic device.